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"mind the finance while growing your business"

Finance Consulting & BI Solutions


 Our customers are companies in the process of change...

Business growth, new investments, acquisitions and mergers of companies and also a situation of slowdown in sales and profit require a change in the financial and business management of the company.

Our mission is to carry out the change together with our customers successfully by accompanying the company's management and providing a professional, comprehensive and cost-effective solution to the business and financial challenges facing our customers on the way to fulfilling the dream and success.



The firm's staff works together with our clients on raising funds and credit from the banking and non-banking systems, both for working capital and for investment purposes, such as the establishment of industrial and logistics sites. In addition, we are involved in fundraising, mergers and acquisitions for our customers.

The consulting services include planning and preparing business plans and valuations, preparing budgets and annual work plans, pricing products and services, streamlining and cost-saving plans, examining work processes, analyzes and financial tests and more.

Business intelligence solutions

A business intelligence system should focus on the organization's performance data (sales, customers, profitability, profit centers, etc.) and should allow you to continue to research the business data in depth.

After decades of experience in business financial consulting for business organizations we bring our knowledge and experience to your next business intelligence system.

Financial and business support
Is a process...

In the first stage, the firm's staff learns the client's business, financial and operational activities. In the second stage, we present the test results to the client and, together with the client, formulate a work plan for financial and business support. In the third stage, we work together with the client's management on the implementation of the work plan that has been formulated

Financial advice

Fundraising and credit

Financial consulting for businesses



The firm's staff, led by Lior Meidan (CEO and Founder), includes economists
And senior CFOs with extensive knowledge and experience in managing large financial systems in international, private and public industrial and commercial companies

The team has rich experience in initiating and executing mergers and acquisitions, in financial and business management in companies, in corporate recovery processes, organizational efficiency processes, and in raising funds from the banking and non-banking system to a significant extent.


חדשות ופרסומים

—  Lior Meidan, Economist


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